USATF Coaches Registry Education Standard Verification Application
USATF Coaches Registry Education Standard Verification Application To further elevate the professional credibility of the USATF Coaches Registry and its members, USATF has established a new Education Standard for qualification into the USATF Coaches Registry. The Education Standard provides for a baseline standard of professional education or coaching accomplishment in the sport of track and field for coaches seeking admission to the Registry.
To be part of the USATF Coaches Registry, an individual must be a USATF member, undergo a background screen from approved screening agency, completed SafeSport Training, and meet the Education Standard. The Education Standard is a one-time requirement and once fulfilled is recognized as long as the coach is part of the Registry.
To satisfy all requirements of the USATF Coaches Registry, you must appear on both the USATF SafeSport List and the Education Standard List.
Note: This application is for verification of the Education Standard requirement only. You must still meet all other requirements for benefits of the USATF Coaches Registry.
1. Start an application using your email address and 2019 USATF membership number.
2. Select the highest certification level (or approved educational course) completed if using pathway 1 OR applicable career achievement/honor from pathway 2. Only one option from either pathway is necessary to select.
3. Upload certificate of completion from verified education course or employment verification letter.
4. After submission, allow up to five business days for the verification process. You will receive notification via the email address provided on your application.
5. Approved applications will contain printable verification card for your records and will appear on the Education Standard List. It is encouraged to retain a copy of the verification card for use at credentialing during USATF Championships.
6. If application is denied, coach will be permitted to resubmit or appeal to the Coaches Advisory subcommittee.
For technical assistance completing your application...
Contact: Gregory Butts
Phone: 661-802-6782
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